Silversuisse Kennel was established in 2012 with the amalgamation of two kennels;
WHYTERIDGE - Heather Scott & WOOTTON- Chris & Sue Harris.

Our journey has been one of real Blood, Sweat & Tears & there is a special twist to this story of how ALL parties concern had an interest of where 'fate' was going to take all three of us.

This story is about true friendship along with mutual respect for each other. 
This partnership has not formed as a convenience but rather from a genuine friendship & unified vision with the same goals in mind for the WHITE SWISS SHEPHERD

................. The Wootton Connection ...........

The ANKC registered White German Shepherd who started us on this road - Wootton Alaska CDX

............... Photo's of Wootton Alaska C.D.X from a baby to a adult competing .............
 .......... Wootton Alaska CDX ..........
Chris & Sue Harris bred Wootton Alaska C.D.X and were one of the very few Australian registered ANKC kennel that would sell their White German Shepherds with ANKC registrations papers.

Wootton kennel has been breeding / exhibiting / competing  for at least 30 years, from the early days when the German Shepherd was a robust / strong / big boned dog.

Their own experience in the German Shepherd world is priceless.

Sue Harris was also a Director with the Royal Canine Council  NSW.

During that time on the board, the board was instrumental in the development of NSW Dogs complex otherwise known as 'Erskine Park' for future generations for all to enjoy and to come together in a manner for all dog actives, it is the hub for all dog owners & exhibitioners who live in & around the Metro Sydney areas. 

We thank all those who had the insight to foresee a healthy future with owning a dog in Sydney/NSW.

Here are a few highlights from the WOOTTON bred dogs exhibited over the years. 



Sue & Chris Harris bred dogs mostly from the ARNGOLD & ABBOTSMOOR lines more info about these kennels can be found on Wootton dogs via the German Shepherd Dogs link. 

Wootton Kennel is still breeding German Shepherds, they have manage to hold onto the old lines.

  ...................... The Overseas Interest ......................

In the background Heather was looking overseas and realised the White Swiss Shepherd/Berger Blanc Suisse was making some important moves across Europe now the FCI had accepted the Berger Blanc Suisse/White Swiss Shepherd.  From 2004 Heather started looking at different kennels and came across Trebons.

"I liked the look of their dogs but they were a young kennel at that time". 
I looked closely at pedigree’s to match the ANKC requirements for importing a WSS/BBS".

I spoke to Nick and was upfront about what I wanted for Australia.
He told me his lines did not meet ANKC requirements.

I would be happy to wait this out and come in when his lines had established and his TYPE was set. I had to wait for another 5 years for Tahu and many litters were born in between until both kennels decided she was the right dog for me. 

Well worth the wait, our foundation girl Ch Drambuie of Trebons Berger arrived in 2009 and now her counterpart arrived Whyteridge of Trebons Berger Blanc in 2011.

 .............. Meanwhile back in Australia ....................

Part of my story & journey - Heather Scott
The interest in my White German Shepherd at obedience trials in 2001 was interesting to say the least.

Despite the political journey we took (without me even been aware of the impact I had done in the obedience ring), this white boy taught me how to  listen / learn / watch ...... you name it he taught me, in ways that I could never explain let alone put on paper. 

I have been fortunate to have what I class as a 'working dog' in to-days age in Australia.

My definition of 'working dog' is some what different to overseas breeders of the WSS.

To me a 'working dog' is a dog who is happy to be taught in obedience as well as enjoying the obedience activities that are on offer as well as be good at it.

We reached the pinnacle of the Open ring (obedience) & we perfected the Open ring in CDX our scores show those results.

This certificate is one of our many passes from a score of 194/200 -
German Shepherd Dog League NSW

Wootton Alaska CDX prepared me as a handler that I am today .... it is experience that cannot be brought or read, it is experience that has been gained through first hand knowledge!  ... to me - you can not put a price on that experience ....... is it priceless. 

Wootton Alaska CDX has been retired from competing for several years now, while he is enjoying retirement he still shows the young boys how to behave in our house ... he is still teaching ...

............................. Up To Date in 2015 .........................
** Silversuisse Kennel **

A new phase has began for us with our new kennel prefix Silversuisse.

All future White Swiss Shepherd litters will be bred carrying the Silversuisse flag.

Semen & males that we have will be kept under Whyteridge kennel prefix. 

As all three of us have been involved in the German shepherd of the colour WHITE throughout the years and to us it was a natural progression too move onto the WHITE SWISS SHEPHERD breed.

We have combined our knowledge for this magnificent breed to prosper in Australia.
With the importation of our foundation bitch – CH. Drambuie of Trebons Berger,
Chris & Sue are enjoying showing Tahu in the Northern region of NSW.

This IMPRESSIVE TEAM are a force to be reckoned with coming in with some great results from the Show ring in the last 12 months.
- Intermediate In Group
- R/up to Best In Group

     Aust CH Drambuie of Trebons Berger -  Owner/handler - Chris Harris

Our Foundation male Whyteridge of Trebons Berger Blanc CCD - Imp ESP

ALL of our dogs are very part of our family's and are treated as such.
While our dogs enjoy their chosen discipline until they display signs that it is no longer enjoyment, only then will they be retired BUT not forgotten. 
Both kennels are wholeheartedly committed & very proactive with the White Swiss Shepherd.
Between both kennels there is 40 years experience working with German Shepherds from breeding to competing and having quality pets.

Sue & Chris Harris will be concentrating on the Conformation Showing while Heather Scott will concentrate on the Obedience & Tracking scene, however we will come together for selected Shows throughout the year.

Silversuisse kennel will be breeding with dogs who are well adjusted WSS, who enjoy the ANKC disciplines that are on offer, obedience, agility, conformation showing, tracking (search & rescue), endurance, our WSS will be bred to have a medium prey drive which will be ample for the dog sports in Australia.

Sue & Chris are the first ANKC registered breeders of the German Shepherd to take this leap of faith in NSW, being owners/exhibitors/breeders of the White Swiss Shepherd in Australia.

 Between the two kennels we are current members of :
# Dogs NSW / ANKC

# Obedience Clubs throughout NSW (too many to list)
# Chris Harris is a cataloger for Shows
All of these organizations are affiliated with either Dogs NSW /ANKC or FCI

We see a healthy future for the WHITE SWISS SHEPHERD in Australia.

We are very proud to join together to offer the Australian public some of the  finest & best White Swiss Shepherds for the future.

The future has not yet been written for * Silver Suisse *  kennel, however we have no doubt that we will all leave our mark in the history books for years to come.

NB: We all have a role in the making of Silversuisse kennel

  Sue Harris
>  Organizing the feeding (mum & babies when weaning)
>  Handles puppies
>  Names the puppies

  Chris Harris
>  Looks over mum after whelping
>  Helps deliver the puppies
>  Handles puppies

  Heather Scott
>  Owns stud dog & overseas semen
>  Helps trains the puppies (Show/Obedience)
>  Point of Contact for Silversuisse Kennel

email: info@wssaust.com 

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