CH. Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund

Registration:  = RWS/VDH/ANKC
#: Sex: Dog
#: DNA Profiled: Yes
#: MDR1 Tested: Clear
#: Colour: White
#: Pigmentation: Black
#: Coat: Long
#: FCI x-ray

 #:Hips = A/A
#: Elbows:  = 0:0

#: Weight: 38 Kilo
#: Height: 640 (Withers)
#: Eyes: Tested & UNAFFECTED / CLEAR
#: Working Test: VPG 3 - Temperament -  Courageous -  Well balanced.
Any matings done with  CH. Dark Vom Sutumer Grund will be done via frozen semen.
 Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund is a proven sire all results can be found on his website.

He has lot of prey drive, and he loves to play with balls and other toys.
To all people also strangers he is very friendly and very outgoing.
But he is also my best bodyguard while we are walking alone.
Dark has a real good character. - Owner/Trainer -  Christine Rieger

CH. Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund

TITLES - Conformation Ring

Dt. Ch. VDH. Bundessieger VDH


Obedience & Other Working Titles

AD - (Endurance Test)

BH/VT - Obedience and traffic sureness

VPG 1 - Basic level - Obedience, tracking, and protection

 VPG 2, Intermediate level - Obedience, tracking, and protection

VPG 3- Advanced level - Obedience, tracking, and protection


IPO 3 - Advanced level - Obedience, tracking, and protection

CH. Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund is creating history as we speak as he is a current working dog of 2012 in the White Swiss Shepherd world!


We believe CH Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund- off/spring will give Australia a substantial contribution in the future direction of the White Swiss Shepherd here, not only for the conformation ring but also for anyone who enjoys participating in any * Dog Sport * in Australia.

We feel very privileged to have Ch Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund as part of our foundation males for our kennel. 

Whyteridge kennel will honor his descendants in way that will make him very proud of there (puppies) achievements in the Land Down under.

  ** Christine has entrusted us to uphold the integrity of this line, we feel very honored to have this boy (semen) here in Australia, & we give the utmost respect to this stud dog! **


I am indebted to my friends in Europe whom helped me make my dreams come true!

 Sutumer Grund - Breeders of Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund

Whyteridge kennel would like to personally THANK Christine for this opportunity for us to
use her stud dog who is worthy of his working titles that
Dark Age and Christine have earned throughout their career.

* Silver Suisse kennel will be keeping a puppy from this line *

We salute Dark Age's courage & passion, as we understand what is involved in getting a working title
- the commitment is undoubted!  

CH. Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund - Website - Logo

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The working ability of this stud dog is outstanding in order to go from the showing ring to the obedience ring, it just shows the true worth & meaning of the CHARACTER  & TEMPERAMENT of a dog!

ALL of the photo's are COPYRIGHT


We consider Ch Dark Age Vom Sutumer Grund a total complete package for the White Swiss Shepherd!


Interested in this line ......... feel free to get in contact with us to learn more about this boy


Email:      Mobile: 0408 870 785   



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