CH. Drambuie of Trebons Berger Blanc - IMP FRA
* Tahu* 12/12/2008

We would like to THANK Trebons for selecting *Tahu* as our foundation
bitch for Silver Suisse Kennel - White Swiss Shepherds
  The foundation & tradition for our kennel has already been set with our
German Shepherd (White) Wootton Alaska C.D.X - we want to add to this already solid foundation by adding a new breed the White Swiss Shepherd into the fold.
CH. Drambuie of Trebons Berger (Imp FRA) Stats:  
#: ANKC Registered
#:  Sex: Bitch
#:  DNA Profiled: Yes
#:  MDR1 Tested: Clear
#:  Colour: White
#: Pigmentation: Black 
#:  Coat: Long
#:  AVA - x-ray 
#: Hips:  A:A
#:  Weight: 27 Kilo
#:  Height:  570 (Withers)  = Dogs NSW Height Card
Silver Suisse's ultimate goal is to produce top quality dogs, while not forgetting the virtues of sound conformation, versatile working ability and correct movement along with a reliable temperament which is of paramount importance with this breed.

 Our order of focus for breeding White Swiss Shepherds is ........

 We welcome the  White Swiss Shepherd/Berger Blanc Suisse
with open arms into our kennel!

- 3 x - Intermediate in Group
- R/up to Best in Group  


My tribute to Tahu ...........  so far ...........  this is just the beginning ......

Since this gracious girl landed on our shores, her achievements are undoubted in regards of her ability to learn either obedience or the show ring, but not only that, her personality has made an impact on all, who ever she meets, with a very sweet nature at heart, along with a brilliant temperament to match.

She has a zest for life, which she enjoys everything that has been offered to her.

Her ethics are very honest and open; she gives out 110% to anyone who is on the end of that lead. The versatility of her character is proving to be priceless!

Drambuie has adapted well to learning two very different disciplines to show off her versatility for the WHITE SWISS SHEPHERD breed I couldn't be more be more proud of her efforts!



Our very own Little Miss Swiss has done Miss Tahu proud from her one & only litter she has
produced an Australian Champion as well as an Obedience Titled & winner in CCD.

She has produced our FIRST DUAL TITLED dog for our kennel we couldn't be more proud of her.

CH. Drambuie of Trebons Berger Blanc ~ PHOTOS

Some CLASSIC Photos
The girls stepping out together