CH. Whyteridge of Trebons Berger Blanc - CCD - (Imp ESP)

*Ngatai* - 12/09/2010
The standard & foundation of our 'MALES'  in our kennel has already been set by
Wootton Alaska C.D.X
  in the obedience ring. 

Ngatai will add to the already solid precedent of Whyteridge kennel.

 Ngatai has everything that I look for in any male: temperament, work ethic, self-confidence, stability.

CH. Whyteridge of Trebons Berger Blanc CCD - (Imp ESP)


#: ANKC Registered
#: Sex: Male
#: Coat: Long
#: Colour: White
#: Pigmentation: Black
#: DNA Profiled:  YES
#: MDR1:  +/+ CLEAR
#: DM:  N/N (Not Affected)
#: AVA & Penn Hip 

#: Hips:  A:B
#: Elbows: 0:0
(Click here for International Hip Scores)

#: Weight:  34 kilo
#: Height: 620 (Withers) = Dogs NSW Height card



Whyteridge's ultimate goal is to produce top quality dogs, while not forgetting the virtues of sound conformation, versatile working ability and correct movement along with a reliable temperament which is of paramount importance with this breed.

 Our order of focus for breeding White Swiss Shepherds is ........


Ngatai is a registered K9 Angel

 We welcome the  White Swiss Shepherd/Berger Blanc Suisse
with open arms into our kennel!

TEMPERAMENT is paramount with this breed in which Ngatai displays a rock solid temperament in a genuine form; he watches everything & everybody going about there business without missing a trick. 

He has a very charismatic attitude,* Watch me .... Look I am here! * In a quiet manner.

He is a beautiful /natural heeler; he is a happy retriever & shows a quiet maturity, way beyond his years.

His conduct is outstanding in regards of training/learning.

He works in a very clean fashion & has given me 110% in honesty, with what he knows to what needs to be taught, to what comes naturally to him, as well as having a great attitude along the way. 

He is a real dream to be on the end of the lead, he has taken a enthusiastic & positive approach to obedience like a duck to water!

*STABILITY* is an essential trait for a dog in any discipline. 

Ngatai has everything that I look for in any male: temperament, work ethic, self-confidence, stability with great mental strength.


Has Ngatai got the goods to be classed as a *WORKING LINE*?

I have been fortunate to have what I class as a 'working dog' in today's present day in age in Australia.  My definition of a 'working dog' is some what different to other breeders of the White Swiss Shepherd. 

My opinion only - a 'working dog' is a dog who is happy to be taught in obedience as well
as enjoying the obedience & other activities that are on offer, as well as be good at that chosen discipline whether it is obedience /tracking........ nothing more nothing less!


We believe that the true worth of a *WORKING LINE* is measuredby actually being judged against 
ALL BREEDS in the obedience ring.


Ngatai is proving to be a QUAITLY STUD DOG, by our latest RESULTS

To-date he has sired Multi CLASS in GROUP winners & a CLASS in SHOW winner & has sired a OBEDIENCE TITLED bitch who won the ring with a score of 94/100 all of her passes are in the 90s.

   92/100 -  1st Place - ACT Companion Dog Club
   94/100 -  2nd Place - getter - Run off - Bega Valley Kennel & Obed
   93/100 -  3rd Place - Eastern Suburbs Dog Training Club                          


Ngatai gain his Title for Australian Champion.  

His offical name now is ...

CH. Whyteridge of Trebons Berger Blanc CCD. Imp ESP

Aust CH. Whyteridge of Trebons Berger Blanc - CCD - (Imp ESP)

Ngatai has passed our HEALTH TESTS with great results - he is now available for 

We also now have a 'Stud Contract' that MUST be signed by BOTH parties. 

Outside girls they MUST be - 

  ✓  ANKC / FCI Registered

  ✓  DNA Profiled 

                                                               ✓  DM TESTED

                                                               ✓  MDR1 TESTED     

                                                               ✓  Hip & Elbowed Scored

>> He has since retired from any future breeding <<

For more info about Ngatai please email us here                                                    Mobile: 0404397173

Some CLASSIC Photos & Videos
Images of Father & Son

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