Silversuisse  Benjamin (AI) 
*Benjamin* 23/8/2021

Silversuisse Benjamin Stats:
#: ANKC Registered
#:  Sex: Male
#:  MDR1 Tested: Clear by Parentage
#:  DM: N/N Clear by Parentage
#:  Colour: White
#:  Pigmentation: Black 
#:  Coat: Long
#:  AVA - x-ray
#: Hips: 
#: Weight:   N/A
#: Height:   N/A
 Silver Suisse's ultimate goal is to produce top quality dogs, while not forgetting the virtues of sound conformation, versatile working ability and correct movement along with a reliable temperament which is of paramount importance with this breed.
  Our order of focus for breeding White Swiss Shepherds is ........
 We welcome the  White Swiss Shepherd/Berger Blanc Suisse
with open arms into our kennel!

************* BEAUTY & BRAINS *************

Introducing our new addition - the next generation from our kennel

 - looking forward to see this boy strut his stuff in either ring - 

** Silversuisse Benjamin ** aka Benjamin

This is just the FIRST phase of this boy's profile - stayed tuned for the next exciting chapter................


TEMPERAMENT is paramount with this breed in which Benjamin displays a rock solid temperament in a genuine form; he watches everything & everybody going about there business without missing a trick. 

He has a very charismatic attitude,* Watch me .... Look I am here! * In a quiet manner.

His conduct is outstanding in regards of training/learning.

He works in a very clean fashion & has given us 110% in honesty, with what he knows to what needs to be taught, to what comes naturally to him, as well as having a great attitude along the way. 

He is a real dream to be on the end of the lead, he has taken a enthusiastic & positive approach to obedience like a duck to water!

*STABILITY* is an essential trait for a dog in any discipline. 

Benjamin has everything that I look for in any male:
temperament, work ethic, self-confidence, stability with great mental strength.


Has Benjamin got the goods to be classed as a *WORKING LINE*?

I have been fortunate to have what I class as a 'working dog' in today's present day in age in Australia.  My definition of a 'working dog' is some what different to other breeders of the White Swiss Shepherd. 

My opinion only - a 'working dog' is a dog who is happy to be taught in obedience as well
as enjoying the obedience & other activities that are on offer, as well as be good at that chosen discipline whether it is obedience /tracking........ nothing more nothing less!


We believe that the true worth of a *WORKING LINE* is measured by actually being judged against 
ALL BREEDS in the obedience ring

★ ★ ★ NEWS FLASH  ★ ★★  

Silversuisse  Benjamin (AI) 

Once Benjamin has passed our HEALTH TESTS he will be available for 

We also now have a 'Stud Contract' that MUST be signed by BOTH parties. 

Outside girls they MUST be - 

  ✓  ANKC / FCI Registered

  ✓  Hip & Elbowed Scored
  ✓  DNA Profiled

                          For more info about Benjamin we have decided that Chris &
 Heather will be avaible                                                           to chat about any STUD DUITES you have in mind.

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