Silversuisse Dogs that are Co- Owned

We have no objection going Co-owned with any potential owners- as we are here to guide new owners along the way with there White Swiss Shepherd - all while not forgetting our ultimate goal & that is to produce top quality dogs, while not forgetting the virtues of sound conformation, versatile working ability and correct movement along with a reliable temperament which is of paramount importance with this breed.
  Our order of focus for breeding White Swiss Shepherds is ........
 We welcome the  White Swiss Shepherd/Berger Blanc Suisse
with open arms into our kennel !

Interested in going Co - Owned with us - email                 Mobile: 0404 397 173

Mara with her 1st Place in RALLY O With Miss Kora
Looking very proud!!

Mara & Miss Kora TITLES gained 

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