** Every kennel that is breeding
SHOULD have a clear cut view to what their values & principles are and the above are ours - we stand 110% by the above **
We feel that ALL of the above are as equally important for any dog/puppy owners.

All of our involvement with dogs has been over a long period of time with different breeds over the years from the humble classic NZ working dog the Huntaway to cross-bred dogs as pets, to German Shepherds, which have included the White German Shepherd in New Zealand, to the ANKC registered White German Shepherd here in Australia.


Heather Scott is a credited ANKC/Dogs NSW instructor in all areas in obedience.  

Sue & Chris Harris have been breeding/competing with there German Shepherds.

Silversuisse kennel fully understands the different 'drives' that is required for the dog to complete a task, we also understand the reasons why the dog switches into the different 'drives' so quickly to complete a very simple task - eg: getting the newspaper from the mail box on his own free will!


We also understand that 'environmental' can play a huge part in TEMPERAMENT issues and when we do have puppies, our selection from puppy to new owners is a very clear cut procedure, your wants and needs are of value in this life time addition!


We consider our past experiences with dogs is worth while when choosing potential mates or adding to my all ready large family from the ACE Worker in the obedience ring to the all time classic pet who is just as important family member.
 Even a tiny Mouse as a pet! or even a Frog!

Tahu with Mouse

Tahu with Mouse
Ngatai with Frog

Tahu with Merlin  (cat)

 Sir Aurthur with Cat       

 Sir Aurthur with Cat       

ES we have ANKC registered White Swiss Shepherds.

However - NOT all of our dogs/puppies will be heading straight into the conformation ring.
We are focused on our dogs NATURAL ABILITY first & foremost.
Our aim is to have quality 'WORKING' lines & our main focus with our White Swiss Shepherds is the obedience ring & other disciplines that are on offer from the ANKC.
Example is of having the two most important issues  TEMPERAMENT & HEALTH together, if you have a dog that needs help, or is injured, how can you help that dog if he/she has a crappy temperament and the vet cannot get near it????
You can't, not without a struggle, remember if a dog is under stress, the TEMPERAMENT is magnified tenfold.


We have seen one TOO many dogs/lines (of any breed for that matter) who have fallen into this category - too many breeders/owners have sugar coated their dogs FAULTS of a good temperament ........... this is of paramount importance with this kennel!

We believe that if a dog has a BREED FAULT such as a temperament issue that dog will NEVER reproduce from our kennel! and there is NO WAY we will ever sugar-coat that breed fault. - We would also be looking at those lines very closely as well!
Our reason for this is really simple, if you have a dog who has a questionable temperament you as an owner, are always on your toes with the dog in question, where ever, to what ever you do with that dog, you can never relax and enjoy your k9 friend, you are always watching, listening to 'what is next'.
You can NEVER fully trust that dog in any situation! 
Australia has a huge dog problem concerning aggressive dogs -we as a young kennel do not want to ever fall into this category of producing dogs with a questionable temperament!


We believe that your new puppy/dog should be in good health which means to us that they should have a long healthy life span full stop! With NO complications from resulting from a non thought-out litter planning!
We x-ray and test for MDR 1 and DM - ALL of our potential breeding stock.
Nor will we ever breed with dogs who are both carriers of of MDR1 & or DM

We would never reproduce with a dog/bitch that has NOT had the tests done and passed all of our strict breeding criteria, ALL of our tests results are open to our puppy buyers in original form.


What does TYPE really mean.  Character/Looks/Similar/Temperament .
The list is endless to what TYPE means.
To us TYPE means ALL of the ABOVE put together to produce a well balance dog whom can adjust themselves in any situation at hand.

The breed standard is there to use as a guide, and is interpreted by the person/s reading it, to what they make out of it.To us so far the White Swiss Shepherd are very keen to learn and willing to work as they very much want to please their owners along with a positive reinforcement with a VERY light hand.
We feel that they are proactive rather than reactive that also comes down to TEMPERAMENT.
Now you are going to ask yourself - who are we to compare these dogs, between the two kennels (Whyteridge & Wootton), we have owned and trained the White German Shepherd to the B/G German Shepherd to the White Swiss Shepherd.

The Europe breeders have done all the hard yards with the White Swiss Shepherd dog over the years, it is a very pure breed without a lot human intervention.
They have developed slowly & surely to get the best of the best out of this breed.
The White Swiss Shepherd has evolved from their early beginnings, and the breeders overseas should be very proud of what is being produce in the 21st century! 


This is where the SHOW RING comes into the fold for us, the WSSD breed standard is our guide to breed with, the breed standard is there to help breeders reach the ultimate goal for the WSS in general. There is always room for improvement when it comes down to breeding dogs and we are no different.

There is NO perfect dog in this world and we totally understand that statement, however we strive to be the best that we can be!

We see this side as the test for the breeders to see if there hard work has panned out under a unbiased opinion!

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