Whitemile Xena
 Rest In Peace ~ 23/12/2009

This grand lady passed away just shy of her 12th birthday...... she will be sadly missed by all of the family and other Shepherds at Whyteridge Kennel.

It was a honor to have had such a wonderful companion involved with the up bringing of my children and the knowledge that my children gained throughout the years from the K9 world ......... again that is priceless .......

Gone BUT NOT forgotten!

 This sweet girl is very much a lady with a great temperament.

True to her nature she was doing obedience with my children who were at the time were at the ages of 9 & 10 years old at the time. 

I am fortunate to have my children grow up with this lady who taught them everything they know about dogs/how to train/how to listen/how to understand the k9 world, she was a great teacher!    

The above picture was a normal site of where the dog was ..................  and kids were not far away!

A great sequence shot can be found on the WHYTERIDGE page in regards of this grand
lady and my children, as she was baby puppy at the time.

Whitemile Xena lines also go back to Wootton Kennels, and it was this girl who
introduced me to the Wootton kennels and lines.

That was at a time when some people were very wary of G/S breed, their amazed reactions to see a 31 kilo dog, with a child handling in class (Pre-Novice) was a sight to see. 


They handled her with great ease while doing demonstrations with our local Demonstration Team at several different venues, at another outing she had an entirely new handler, and completed the Demo, with all the exercises.

I salute this grand lady with the gentlest nature, whom I cannot fault in any situation regardless of where we are or who ever is handling her, whether it be a child or someone that she has never meet before.


We were fortunate that Whitemile Xena did meet our new line of 'Whites'
before she passed away .............again she showed this new teenager the ropes before she passed away.