The most decorated White German Shepherd  Dog (ANKC registered) in the Obedience ring since the 1970's
German Shepherd ~ White ~

~ Wootton Alaska C.D, C.D.X. ~
 Whyteridge Kennels is the next generation to carry on these old Australian lines. 
n Alaska C.D, C.D.X. comes from a history of Champions in 'Show Conformation' and Titled Dogs in the Obedience rings
 Wootton Alaska CD, CDX. Statics are
  • ANKC Registered
  • NB: Limited Registration with the ANKC
  • Sex: Dog
  • Colour: White with slight fawn on tip of ears
  • Pigmentation: Black
  • Coat: Smooth = (With Long Coat Gene)
  • Weight: 44kg
  • Height: 640 (Withers) = RNSWCC Height Card
  • Haemophila Tested: Negative
  • Elbow Scores : 0:0
 Wootton Alaska CDX  has come from a long list of working dogs: his history has been proven via ANKC/FCI rules and regulations.  

This line of stable temperaments has shown their worth over the years, with the working and/conformation history, also coming into affect of a stable/steady worker.

One of Australia's most accomplished obedience trainers Mr Gary Somerville gave Wootton Alaska CDX a great critique as he had remembered AOC. Strathclyde White Fang, with his handler Mr Jack Goldstein; ending the critique with 'lets bring Jack back'.

 Wootton Alaska CDX is the 1st ANKC registered pure-bred ‘White’ German Shepherd in NSW since 1965 to gain a Title of CD or CDX since A.O.C. Strathclyde White Fang, Wootton Alaska  CDX  is the only living descendant of A.O.C. Strathclyde White Fang, who is trialing in 2008 that has ANKC papers to say that he is a pure-bred 'White German Shepherd'
Wootton Alaska CDX  is the only ANKC registered pure-bred White German Shepherd in the Obedience Ring in 2008 who was actively competing in Open & UD level.  
The political agenda from the BYB of White Shepherds breeders had reached new heights when they complained to Dogs NSW about Wootton Alaska C.D.X. and myself, regarding his colour, with Wootton Alaska C.D.X having ANKC papers in the first place and with us trialing, even down of the type of training I was doing with him,
(I have copies of all the complaint letters!)

This is the lengths that some groups/people went to, to try and stop me and my dog from doing what we enjoyed, from 2007 we then went onto bigger and better things.

We had many accomplishments in the dog world in the obedience ring and we also
competed at a top level in the Open ring for several years, we also rewrote the history books for trialing the only White German Shepherd in Australia and also winning at a breed club level, our results can be found down this page..........



Our resu
lts speak for themselves as to whether Wootton Alaska C.D.X
is classed as a 'Working German Shepherd'


A Special
To Peter Hosie for believing in me and Wootton Alaska C.D.X .
Without his patience and knowledge this page would not have been possible!

Since gaining our Title of CDX with Wootton Alaska CDX 
we have gained further qualifying scores in the Open Ring 'Our Results' are as follows;
History has been made with gaining not only our Titles as we put our mark down in the History Books but from competing and being a place-getter in Canberra Royal to Breed Club Competitions.

~ 2005 - CD Title  ~

# Sutherland Shire Dog Training Club Inc 
184 -1st Place Mrs G Brooks.
# Bega Valley Kennel & Obedience Club Inc.
183 -  Mrs L McKay. 

# ACT Canine Association Inc. ACT Obedience Titles 2004.
175 - 2nd Place  Mrs D Easter.
# ACT Companion Dog Club.
175 -  Mr K Speed


~ November 2006 ~

Dogs NSW had received several complaints from German Shepherd owners to BYB breeders of White Shepherd breeders in Australia (I have copies of the complaints letters!) about Wootton Alaska CD and myself Trialing, and having ANKC papers.

One of the complaint letters stated that they 'wanted' his 'colour' changed, in other words 'they' questioned his legitimacy and wanted him to be de-registered, also there was a mention about the TYPE of training I was doing with Wootton Alaska CD, a request was made by the ANKC to have Wootton Alaska CD and myself  in which I was only too happy to assist them and be assessed in January 2007, with one hour prior to the Board Meeting!

I was assess by two (2) director's of the board who happen to also be Conformation Breed Judges Group 5. Working Dogs:
the facts were ascertained:

# He is a Purebred German Shepherd.

# He has got the appropriate Registration Papers from the ANKC.

# Coat Colour is classed as White.

# In accordance of the Rules and Regulations is afforded and allowed all privileges accordingly - be that of trialing or any other disciplines available for entry by the ANKC.   

Quoted by CEO 'Dogs NSW' Letter Dated February 2007


~ August 2007 - C.D.X. Title

# ACT German Shepherd Dog Association Inc.  
177 - 3rd Place: Mr J Green
# ACT German Shepherd Dog Association Inc.
170 -  Mrs P Looker 

# Shoalhaven Dog Training Club Inc. 
184 - Mrs M Wheeler


 ~ September 2007  (AM & PM Trial) ~

# South Coast Dog Training Club Inc
178 - 2nd Place: Mrs M Yearbury

# South Coast Dog Training Club Inc.
176 - Ms J Kaldor


~ October  2007 ~

Southern Highlands Obedience  Club Inc. 
# 179 - 1st Place: Ms J Walder


~ December 2007  ~

German Shepherd Dog League NSW Inc.
194 - 1st Place: Mrs  M Foord
** Excellence Medallion Won**


~ February 2008 ~

ActewAGL Royal Canberra Show
192- 2nd Place:Mr Richie Butler
**Open Dogs**


~ March 2008 ~

Leading the point score with the German Shepherd
Dog League NSW in **Obedience Dog **
The first White German Shepherd to do so in the history of the

German Shepherd Dog League NSW


~  April 2008 ~

The April issue of the Australian magazine National Dog had a article about our achievements here is a copy of the article in PDF file

A Dog Who Dared to be Different

A touching tribute to a dog who deified the odds just because he wasn't the 'normal colour' for the breed of the German Shepherd


~ December 2008 ~

Breed Club Point Score 2008
German Shepherd Dog League NSW 

** 3rd Place Obedience Dog **

The first White German Shepherd to do so in the
history of the German Shepherd Dog League NSW


~ March 2009 ~ 

 Whyteridge Kennels has made the decision to officially retire Wootton Alaska C.D.X from the obedience ring.

I salute this boy with his courage and with his passion of working, for his drive and honesty and attitude for the 'get-up-go to
 work' to 'what's next', attitude, for it is those attributes which has made Wootton Alaska C.D.X a force that is rarely seen in German Shepherds today.





 He is now living his life as a KING at Whyteridge Kennel with ALL the comforts that he deserves!


Whyteridge kennel would like to personally thank Wootton Kennel
for breeding the 'old ' style of German Shepherds.

They (G/S) may have gone out of fashion BUT never out of date!

Wootton Alaska C. D. X ~ Photo's