CH. Eiramor Kensey Snowflake

* ABC*  24/10/2016

Co-owned with Sarah Brunskill of Eiramor Kennels
We would like to THANK Eiramor for allowing us to have  'ABC' to be part of our Team

CH. Eiramor Kensey Snowflake  Stats:  

#: ANKC Registered
#:  Sex: Bitch
#:  DNA Profiled
#:  MDR1 : 
#:  DM: 
#:  Colour: White
#:  Pigmentation: Black 
#:  Coat: Long
#:  AVA - x-ray 
#:  Weight: 
#:  Height: 
Our ultimate goal is to produce top quality dogs, while not forgetting the virtues of sound conformation, versatile working ability and correct movement along with a reliable temperament which is of paramount importance with this breed.

 Our order of focus for breeding White Swiss Shepherds is ........

 We welcome the  White Swiss Shepherd/Berger Blanc Suisse
with open arms into our kennel!

This little girl ABC is just a beautiful girl 

She is in NSW to be promoted within NSW/ACT areas

A new addition to our family of White Swiss Shepherds.

 ABC has wonderful balance and all the attributes that had been anticipated for. 

ABC has a fantastic temperament along with a good nature. 
She has taken everything in her stride. 

Quite a bundle of joy, ABC is a confident little go getter with a robust attitude.

Her movement is excellent, and we are excited to have her as an important addition to our kennels where she will complement our breeding program. 

Please keep checking this page for more info as we will be updating at regular intervals. 

CH. Eiramore Kensey Snowflake ~ PHOTOS

Some CLASSIC Photos